FAQ's About Shopping with Shocolate™

Is it best to store chocolates in the Fridge?

Shocolate chocolates are best kept in a cool dry environment away from direct sunlight between 15 – 20 degrees. If you have no option but to store chocolates in the fridge due to high temperatures and humidity, ensure the chocolates are kept in the packaging and completely seal the container with a plastic wrap. Once removed from the fridge ensure the chocolates are left in room temperature for one hour prior to consuming.

How long do the chocolates keep?

As shocolate does not use any preservatives or shelf life extenders, the chocolates are best consumed within two weeks. 

What has happened to the chocolate if it turns white?

That’s called bloom. It occurs when some of the cocoa butter in the chocolate separates from the cocoa solids, this usually occurs when the chocolate is exposed to heat and loses its emulsification. The chocolate is still edible but not tempered anymore meaning it will not have the same texture or taste.